They actually put some hops in this one

They actually put some hops in this one
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Co hosts : Good ol Boy Sean, Good ol Boy Kendall, Good ol Boy Dave, and Good ol Gal Julieanna

SUDS Episode –  From the Summer of Bad Decision series, it’s Canasian Lager. Wait what? Yes it’s Canadian and Asian Lager Lager showdown. We taste these full on tiger style in a blind tasting. Dave- I needed a head exploding sound effect. An exhaustive discussion on the bad decision of using green glass for beer. We taste and discuss the following beer:


TOP 5:


  1. Labatt Blue Light Pilsner 4% Labatt Blue Company Toronto, Canada SUDS- 4
  2. Sapporo Premium Beer Pale Lager 4.7% Sapporo Breweries Tokyo Japan SUDS-3
  3. Hite Extra Cold Pale Lager 4.3% HiteJinro Seoul, South Korea SUDS-3
  4. Tiger pale lager 5% Heineken Asia Pacific Singapore SUDS-3
  5. Molson Canadian Lager 5% Molson Coors Canada  SUDS- 3



Others mentioned:


Labatt Blue Pilsner 5% Labatt Brewing Company Toronto, Canada SUDS-2

Chang Classic Pale Lager 5% Thai Beverage PLC Thailand SUDS-1

Orion Premium Draft Japanese Rice Lager 4.7% Orion Breweries Ltd.  Okinawa Japan SUDS-2

Singha pale lager 5% Boon Rawd Brewery Bangkok Thailand SUDS-1

Moosehead Lager 5% Moosehead Breweries Limited New Brunswick Canada SUDS-1

Asahi Super Dry Japanese Rice Lager 5% Asahi Breweries Tokyo Japan SUDS-2

Tsingtao pale Lager 4.7% Tsingtao Brewery People’s Republic of China SUDS-1

Lucky Beer (Lucky Buddha) pale lager 4.8%  Hangzhou Quiandaohu Beer Company People’s Republic of China SUDS-1
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