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We’re going about this a little different

SIPS Episode – Only we could combine Hairloss for Men and Whiskey business models. Single Cask Nation is bringing some great products to their select membership model. Meanwhile in KY, something different is going on. Wilderness Trail Distillery is bringing back the use of KY grown Rye. This has all the tongues wagging in KY.

From the origins of time

SIPS Episode – Old and really old whiskey. Red Spot returns after a long 50 yr hiatus. This rounds out the available product line with great Irish Whiskey. Diageo continues to push the boundaries of aged whiskies this time with Scotch. Pittyvaich lived for a mere 18 years, making it one of the most rarely seen single malts of all. This rare, limited release Forager’s Keep 26 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky has lived longer than the distillery from which it came.

Please pronounce “moron” in French

SIPS Episode – A whiskey flight of broad range of things. What’s in your grab bag? Uh, we don’t want to actually know. Ours was filled with whiskey. Our amazing intellect can’t seem to pronounce French towns that are located in KY. It’s a hidden talent.

It’s Canadian Rye. Sorry.

SIPS Episode – A broad range of Canadian products from Hiram Walker. The vast majority of American Rye is made with European Rye, although Canada has been making Rye whiskey longer. Will this cast be able to step out to discuss this without getting banned?

The other Scotia for the challenged

SIPS Episode – We managed to fit in BOTH drunken leprechauns on this episode covering Glen Scotia and Booker’s 30th Anniversary. This episode is our top candidate employing the use of a cattle prod on “Texas voltage.” Our cast is now enrolled in “Geography 101 for the challenged.”