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Where’s mine

SIPS Episode – We reflect on changing the ventilation plan in the basement and the best whiskey of 2018. Justin volunteers to do the dramatic pause. Brent finally names his favorite Scotch – NOT. Ok so we slipped in a few unicorns in our Best of list. Harmeet demonstrates how he can’t count to 3.

10W40 tasting notes

10W40 tasting notes ‏@templebarwhiskey @BarrAnUisce @QuietManWhiskey @TheBourbonMafia @FineSpirits_FL Co hosts : Good ol Boy Justin, Good ol Boy Alan, Made Man Maury, Made Man Brent, and Made Man Bob SIPS Episode – It’s an all Irish show. Finally we have found the proper episode the drunken leprechaun accent, an Irish Whiskey episode. We dig deep…