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Hangin with some 20 year olds

SIPS Episode – Diageo produces the Orphan Barrel series and this is a 6 year vertical of the Rhetoric 20+ yr bourbon. Always interesting to taste the evolution of product. It’s not what you would think, like more age is better.

Wait, this is not Islay

SIPS Episode – We decided to mix Bourbon & Scotch on the same episode because someone dared us to do so. From the file of “don’t cross the stream/swords” we decided to do it with Town Branch Distillery & Jura. Justin helps to define what is the gateway product to Bourbon. Apparently, it’s malt liquor. Yes Virginia, there really are other islands in Scotland.

Good grief it’s Season 7

Season 7 –  We decided to let you get a sneak peek of what’s in the works for Season 7. It’s always difficult to decide what to discuss with such an overwhelming things to talk about. Geography of many things influences many of those decisions. It’s great Rum that you may never see in the US, or a beer that has a distribution radius of 50 mi in Nebraska, or a coffee bean that was only available for 1 crop. We want to talk about stuff you can actually find and buy. We’re going to continue our innovative approach and not be just yet another radio show on these topics. All of the producers discuss what’s on their minds and looking back at what fun we had for the award winning Season 6.

Where’s mine

SIPS Episode – We reflect on changing the ventilation plan in the basement and the best whiskey of 2018. Justin volunteers to do the dramatic pause. Brent finally names his favorite Scotch – NOT. Ok so we slipped in a few unicorns in our Best of list. Harmeet demonstrates how he can’t count to 3.

10W40 tasting notes

10W40 tasting notes ‏@templebarwhiskey @BarrAnUisce @QuietManWhiskey @TheBourbonMafia @FineSpirits_FL Co hosts : Good ol Boy Justin, Good ol Boy Alan, Made Man Maury, Made Man Brent, and Made Man Bob SIPS Episode – It’s an all Irish show. Finally we have found the proper episode the drunken leprechaun accent, an Irish Whiskey episode. We dig deep…