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Tastes like Southern Japan

SIPS Episode – A brand new product from Beam Suntory and one of the first where there is a collaboration. Legent is not like anything on the market. On this Quick Shot episode we also get to Minor Case from Limestone Branch Distillery.

Is it OK to eat cheese with your fingers

SIPS Episode – Classic us as we insult the entire French speaking culture. A cheese pairing show with Cheeses of Europe. We have never had so much fun with an app that can tell us how poorly we pronounce things. There should be a similar app for residents of Ottawa

A better mediocre

SIPS Episode – Some new stuff just got released. This is the first recurring new product added since Brent Elliott took the Master Distiller role at 4R. Ardbeg creates a unique version of Drum each year and this one is very unique.

Free whiskey when you say Oaxacan correctly

SIPS Episode – Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. in Dekalb, Illinois has a lineup of some unusual grain choices. Justin’s Illinois accent got us banned from every Gino’s East location in Chicago.

Hangin with some 20 year olds

SIPS Episode – Diageo produces the Orphan Barrel series and this is a 6 year vertical of the Rhetoric 20+ yr bourbon. Always interesting to taste the evolution of product. It’s not what you would think, like more age is better.