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Free whiskey when you say Oaxacan correctly

SIPS Episode – Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. in Dekalb, Illinois has a lineup of some unusual grain choices. Justin’s Illinois accent got us banned from every Gino’s East location in Chicago.

The other Scotia for the challenged

SIPS Episode – We managed to fit in BOTH drunken leprechauns on this episode covering Glen Scotia and Booker’s 30th Anniversary. This episode is our top candidate employing the use of a cattle prod on “Texas voltage.” Our cast is now enrolled in “Geography 101 for the challenged.”

Hangin with some 20 year olds

SIPS Episode – Diageo produces the Orphan Barrel series and this is a 6 year vertical of the Rhetoric 20+ yr bourbon. Always interesting to taste the evolution of product. It’s not what you would think, like more age is better.

Wait, this is not Islay

SIPS Episode – We decided to mix Bourbon & Scotch on the same episode because someone dared us to do so. From the file of “don’t cross the stream/swords” we decided to do it with Town Branch Distillery & Jura. Justin helps to define what is the gateway product to Bourbon. Apparently, it’s malt liquor. Yes Virginia, there really are other islands in Scotland.