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We’re going about this a little different

SIPS Episode – Only we could combine Hairloss for Men and Whiskey business models. Single Cask Nation is bringing some great products to their select membership model. Meanwhile in KY, something different is going on. Wilderness Trail Distillery is bringing back the use of KY grown Rye. This has all the tongues wagging in KY.

Oddly we discuss whiskey again

SIPS Episode – Odd, practically a one word description of every episode. A less than odd collection of fabulous brown water. Oddly, Justin chose to discuss this as, brown water. Log that protest, the family heritage of Bulleit needs to be spelled correctly. Oh, let’s do math and drink whiskey.

Whiskey in between the lakes

SIPS Episode – We head north again but not crossing the border. Traverse City Whiskey Co. has been sourcing whiskey from MGP as they work on building their brand. They are also moving towards incorporating their own distillate recently as well. Justin displays his one size fits all accents. We also manage to confuse the origins of KISS from MI.

Free whiskey when you say Oaxacan correctly

SIPS Episode – Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. in Dekalb, Illinois has a lineup of some unusual grain choices. Justin’s Illinois accent got us banned from every Gino’s East location in Chicago.

The other Scotia for the challenged

SIPS Episode – We managed to fit in BOTH drunken leprechauns on this episode covering Glen Scotia and Booker’s 30th Anniversary. This episode is our top candidate employing the use of a cattle prod on “Texas voltage.” Our cast is now enrolled in “Geography 101 for the challenged.”