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Who’s your Taddy

SUDS Episode – There are just not enough fake British accents in entertainment. We decided to pick up the cause while to discussing beer from Samuel Smith. It’s those beers you keep walking by that are not made by hipster brewers using explosive hops all day. Dave manages to get us banned from Iowa.

And then you shake the can

SUDS Episode – Blinded once again with beer. A blind tasting of 6 beers with a wide range of styles. The most riveting discussion of Amish produce ever captured on radio! What a fabulous way to kill an hour, with friends, that are not Amish. Something smells like ass. Could be Caperton or one of these beers.

Belgian not Trappist

SUDS Episode – Never ask beer people to read things in a foreign language. We can drink and rate it all day long, but pronounce something properly, negative. This is a reference episode with Belgian beer from St. Bernardus. Our attempts to get with the monk theme were futile. We thank the fine residents of Belgium for tolerating our inability to pronounce Watou correctly and not banning us. Yet.

Please Swirl my Beer Slushie

SUDS Episode – Are all hipster tends Questionable Decisions? From our dense file of the Summer of Questionable Decisions comes our coverage of Beer Slushies. Sponsored by the same idiots that ruined Coffee with Iced Coffee comes the alteration of the liquid state of beer. We also venture down the path of all things frozen with beer including ice cream and sorbet. Guess who got brain freeze first.

Yes, but can you hear Jimmy?

SUDS Episode – We walked into plenty of breweries that are rocking on but how about a band rocking with beer. Enter the beer collaboration between breweries and bands. Yeah, it’s a thing. Seriously, Dave suggests Behemoth covers “I love a rainy night.” And that’s about the moment the episode takes a turn.