No, not the band

No, not the band
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SUDS Episode –  Brewery takeover with Strange Roots Experimental Ale from Pittsburgh, PA. A stellar lineup of sour beers that you need to go out of way to find these beers. Stolen watermelons taste best. Amazing how all of these beers are nearly double the ABV against their Belgian equivalents. We taste and discuss the following beer:

Draai Laag Brewing Company Haviken Belgian Dubbel SUDS – 5



The rest are from Strange Roots Experimental Ales


The Balloonist sour golden ale brewed with orange peel- SUDS-5

Peaches N’Dream sour ale fermented with western PA peaches – SUDS- 4

Goedenacht farmhouse ale brewed with apples, orange blossom honey and coriander – SUDS-5

Ragnarok ale fermented with elderberries, black currants, red raspberries and black cherry juice SUDS-5

Queen of the Yellow Dolls Farmhouse ale fermented with western PA yellow watermelon SUDS-5

Thief Share Flanders Oud Brun SUDS-4

Razmata sour Berliner Weisse with Raspberries– SUDS – 4
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