The Pappy of Rum

The Pappy of Rum

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Co hosts : Good ol Boy Michael, Pimpdaddysupreme aka PDS, Good ol Gal Mara,  Good ol Gal Cary Ann, and Good ol Boy Mike

SIPS Episode – A distillery takeover with Foursquare Distillery, often referred to as the Pappy of Rum. Known for high quality and limited availability, these unique rums are finished in unique single and double cask versions.  You have a good chance of finding most of these products widely available.


Foursquare Distillery

2004 SIPS -4

* 2005 SIPS -4

* Port Cask Finish SIPS -4

Zinfandel Cask Finish SIPS -4

Premise SIPS -4

Criterion SIPS -4

* Dominus SIPS -5


* Top 3 pick


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