Dreamy Sour IPA

Dreamy Sour IPA
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Co hosts : Good ol Boy Mike, Good ol Boy Sparky, Good ol Boy Dave, and Good ol Gal Julieanna

SUDS Episode – Double Double Takeover in the Hudson Valley, Hudson Valley was one of our top picks from 2018 and a newcomer in the same area, Sloop Brewing. Sour IPA is one of those “it” beer styles and many brewers are trying to make them as good as Hudson Valley. We also check out a local favorite at Sloop as well. We taste and discuss the following beer:

Hudson Valley Brewing Company:

Beacon NY


Empyrean Sour IPA – SUDS 4

Bloom Sour IPA – SUDS 5

Graven Image Sour DIPA – SUDS 4

Incandenza Mosaic Sour IPA – SUDS 4



Sloop Brewing Company Elizaville NY

Sloop Jam He’s on Fire – Tart Fruit Beer with Guava Pomegranate and Lactose SUDS- 4

Nelson Bomb DDH IPA – SUDS 3

Mosaic Bomb DDH IPA – SUDS 3

Juice Bomb North Eastern IPA SUDS 4

Coco Baked Toasted Coconut Oatmeal Stout – SUDS 4

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