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A better mediocre

SIPS Episode – Some new stuff just got released. This is the first recurring new product added since Brent Elliott took the Master Distiller role at 4R. Ardbeg creates a unique version of Drum each year and this one is very unique.

Dreamy Sour IPA

SUDS Episode – Double Double Takeover in the Hudson Valley, Hudson Valley was one of our top picks from 2018 and a newcomer in the same area, Sloop Brewing. Sour IPA is one of those “it” beer styles and many brewers are trying to make them as good as Hudson Valley.

Free whiskey when you say Oaxacan correctly

SIPS Episode – Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. in Dekalb, Illinois has a lineup of some unusual grain choices. Justin’s Illinois accent got us banned from every Gino’s East location in Chicago.

The Pappy of Rum

SIPS Episode – A distillery takeover with Foursquare Distillery, often referred to as the Pappy of Rum. Known for high quality and limited availability, these unique rums are finished in unique single and double cask versions.

Advanced dishwater tasting

SUDS Episode – Don’t get the KudzuReport confused with making this beer and injecting helium into the beer. Such a broad range of beer from Plan Bee Brewery on this brewery takeover episode. And such a broad range of opinions sitting at the table over these beers.