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This beer can make me skinny

SUDS Episode – Of course we think about our figure in the middle of a Summer of Bad Decisions. Someone dared us if we could go lower than the Zima episode and well we did. A flight of low-calorie beers we taste blind. We tried to set aside out world class palates just for this once, but no, cause we crave flavor. No love handles were harmed during the production of this episode.

No Coochie Coochie for you

SIPS Episode – A flight from Bodegas LAN in Spain in an all Rioja flight. The guys from South Florida can’t master all of the big Spanish words, hmmm. CSB = Can’t See Bottom. Learn all about the various types of Rioja and bet on who gets banned first from Spain.

Oddly we discuss whiskey again

SIPS Episode – Odd, practically a one word description of every episode. A less than odd collection of fabulous brown water. Oddly, Justin chose to discuss this as, brown water. Log that protest, the family heritage of Bulleit needs to be spelled correctly. Oh, let’s do math and drink whiskey.

Yes, but can you hear Jimmy?

SUDS Episode – We walked into plenty of breweries that are rocking on but how about a band rocking with beer. Enter the beer collaboration between breweries and bands. Yeah, it’s a thing. Seriously, Dave suggests Behemoth covers “I love a rainy night.” And that’s about the moment the episode takes a turn.

I like your cans, but they are zombies

SUDS Episode – That’s cool can, but is the beer as good as well. Yep, we step around the marketing power of beer can art and taste em blind. What else did you expect from our authentic opinions! The Kudzu report reminds you to keep up the vigilant fight. Part of the Summer of Questionable Decisions series. Trust the Iguana.