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No Champagne glass required

SUDS Episode – Beer style episode with fast moving adoption by several craft breweries. Brut IPA itself is not new, but extends that popular bitter elements of an IPA while changing the mouthfeel with a different base beer. It’s dry, very dry. Actually this is a flight wide range of base beers. Always interesting results during a blind tasting, which we did across these 12 Brut IPA beers.

No, not the band

SUDS Episode – Brewery takeover with Strange Roots Experimental Ale from Pittsburgh, PA. A stellar lineup of sour beers that you need to go out of way to find these beers. Stolen watermelons taste best. Amazing how all of these beers are nearly double the ABV against their Belgian equivalents.

Tastes like Southern Japan

SIPS Episode – A brand new product from Beam Suntory and one of the first where there is a collaboration. Legent is not like anything on the market. On this Quick Shot episode we also get to Minor Case from Limestone Branch Distillery.

Just keep Mike away from the Chinook

SUDS Episode – A brewery takeover of pFriem Family Brewers with an outstanding flight of beer. A lively discussion of the food paring suggestions that were provided by the brewery as well.

Is it OK to eat cheese with your fingers

SIPS Episode – Classic us as we insult the entire French speaking culture. A cheese pairing show with Cheeses of Europe. We have never had so much fun with an app that can tell us how poorly we pronounce things. There should be a similar app for residents of Ottawa