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Free whiskey when you say Oaxacan correctly

SIPS Episode – Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. in Dekalb, Illinois has a lineup of some unusual grain choices. Justin’s Illinois accent got us banned from every Gino’s East location in Chicago.

The Pappy of Rum

SIPS Episode – A distillery takeover with Foursquare Distillery, often referred to as the Pappy of Rum. Known for high quality and limited availability, these unique rums are finished in unique single and double cask versions.

Advanced dishwater tasting

SUDS Episode – Don’t get the KudzuReport confused with making this beer and injecting helium into the beer. Such a broad range of beer from Plan Bee Brewery on this brewery takeover episode. And such a broad range of opinions sitting at the table over these beers.

The other Scotia for the challenged

SIPS Episode – We managed to fit in BOTH drunken leprechauns on this episode covering Glen Scotia and Booker’s 30th Anniversary. This episode is our top candidate employing the use of a cattle prod on “Texas voltage.” Our cast is now enrolled in “Geography 101 for the challenged.”

There’s always a Tony

SUDS Episode – Oh the Queen is on this show, no, it’s a brewery takeover from a brewery in Queens, Singlecut Beersmiths. Born in great hop race of the 2015, Singlecut has been cranking out great beer to serve the masses in NYC. Is cat pee an off flavor or just the way Sparky smells naturally? Yo, Tony, bring me anuder beer.