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Whiskey in between the lakes

SIPS Episode – We head north again but not crossing the border. Traverse City Whiskey Co. has been sourcing whiskey from MGP as they work on building their brand. They are also moving towards incorporating their own distillate recently as well. Justin displays his one size fits all accents. We also manage to confuse the origins of KISS from MI.

They actually put some hops in this one

SUDS Episode – From the Summer of Bad Decision series, it’s Canasian Lager. Wait what? Yes it’s Canadian and Asian Lager Lager showdown. We taste these full on tiger style in a blind tasting. Dave- I needed a head exploding sound effect. An exhaustive discussion on the bad decision of using green glass for beer.

Please pronounce “moron” in French

SIPS Episode – A whiskey flight of broad range of things. What’s in your grab bag? Uh, we don’t want to actually know. Ours was filled with whiskey. Our amazing intellect can’t seem to pronounce French towns that are located in KY. It’s a hidden talent.

It’s Canadian Rye. Sorry.

SIPS Episode – A broad range of Canadian products from Hiram Walker. The vast majority of American Rye is made with European Rye, although Canada has been making Rye whiskey longer. Will this cast be able to step out to discuss this without getting banned?

No Champagne glass required

SUDS Episode – Beer style episode with fast moving adoption by several craft breweries. Brut IPA itself is not new, but extends that popular bitter elements of an IPA while changing the mouthfeel with a different base beer. It’s dry, very dry. Actually this is a flight wide range of base beers. Always interesting results during a blind tasting, which we did across these 12 Brut IPA beers.