Advanced dishwater tasting

Advanced dishwater tasting
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Co hosts : Good ol Boy Caperton, Good ol Boy Kendall, Good ol Boy Tim, Good ol Boy Dave, and Good ol Gal Julieanna

SUDS Episode – Don’t get the KudzuReport confused with making this beer and injecting helium into the beer. Such a broad range of beer from Plan Bee Brewery on this brewery takeover episode. And such a broad range of opinions sitting at the table over these beers.  We taste and discuss the following beer:



Raised Bed – tart NY farmhouse ale SUDS 4

NY Wild ale aged in Bourbon Barrels – SUDS 4

Royal Jelly – NY Wild ale brewed with honey aged in bourbon barrels – SUDS 3

Holden – 100% NY ingredients Farmhouse ale cooled on wet hops in coolship – SUDS 4

Moon Shed – Spontaneous ale brewed with heirloom corn from the farm aged in Oak – SUDS 3

Huitlacoche – Coolship cooled farmhouse ale brewed with 3 varieties of heirloom corn SUDS 5

Barn Beer – Coolship cooled 100% NY ingredient Wild ale brewed with pure intentions aged in oak SUDS 3

Bloody – Brunch style sour ale SUDS 3

Pepper – NY Wild ale brewed with homegrown hot peppers SUDS 2
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