Is it OK to eat cheese with your fingers

Is it OK to eat cheese with your fingers

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Co hosts :  Good ol Boy Justin, Made Man Brent , Made Man Maury , and Made Man Bob

SIPS Episode – Classic us as we insult the entire French speaking culture. A cheese pairing show  with Cheeses of Europe. We have never had so much fun with an app that can tell us how poorly we pronounce things. There should be a similar app for residents of Ottawa. We cover a good lineup of these paired products that you can find widely available:


Camembert De Normandie / Ardbeg 10 SIPS – 4

Aged Cheddar 5 Year / Flora De Cana Black Label 5 SIPS – 5

Mimolette /  Four Roses Small Batch SIPS – 4

Époisses / Hardy Legend SIPS – 4

Blue D’Auvergne  / R. Jelinek Pear Brandy SIPS – 4


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